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Trendy & Traditional Salwar Suits Designs

Trendy & Traditional Salwar Suits Designs

We can see various trendy designs from Indie fusions to off-shoulders, capes, crop-tops, palazzos and other strapless designs to give a fantastic look. I know it's a bit confusing and fashion musings to list out a handful of them from the vast collection. So, to help you and shoo away the fear we have listed a few of the best Salwar Suits Designs to give you a better idea. Let’s quickly dive into the magical list of top most salwar suits designs.

Types of Salwar Suits Designs

·         Palazzo salwar Suits

Palazzo Salwar suits or Sharara suits are extremely popular nowadays. It reflects a harmonious blend of western fashion where a long, straight kurti are paired with long women trousers with wide legs flare from the waist. Palazzo suits are ideal for both formal & informal occasions.

·         Skirt salwar suits

It’s not about only girls, but women too love to wear traditional skirts. Weather its prom night at a college or an unplanned farewell or any serious event skirt salwar suits looks just super awesome on all.  Pairing with short Kurtis with pleated skirts or shirt style kurti or wrap around boho print skirt this will make your looks great every time you put on.

·         Dhoti Salwar Suits

Dhoti suits are a style that you steal from boys. It’s a traditional name from the classic Indian style worn by a male. But it gave a great taste to women when the layers and pleats are paired with salwar on inner sides with paralleled shaped. Try this unique style of Salwar Suits design to make yourself look different in the crowd. 

·         Patiala Salwar suits

If you have an hourglass figure and decent height, then this style is a perfect match for you. If you have short stature and want to dress up with Patiala Salwar, then make sure you pick a short kurta with less volume salwar to make you look taller and graceful.

·         Harem Salwar Suits

If you like to wear loose and comfy wear, then this style is for you. Folks, don’t get confused between harem and Aladdin pants as they look quite alike but still possess difference. Harems are airier in look whereas Aladdin pants have cuffs in it.

·         Printed Salwar Suits

We always look for the printed look as it excites us more, isn’t it? We can find many quirky and traditional designs to give frivoling yet classic looks. Every age of women quite loves this printed salwar suits due to its simplistic and detailing. You can try yourself and serve a platter to envy.

·         Leggins Salwar suits

Whatever the types we add in the Salwar suits design, women won’t find it enough. Right! Here we have one more, i.e. Leggins Salwar suits which looks good on everybody types. It gives a smart and sassy feel to it. It can be worn with straight kurta’s where short women can look taller in it.

A Brief Style of Salwar Kameez

·         Angrakha Salwar Suit: If you want to look amazing then, add Angrakha suit into your closet which will give tassels and twist to the boring salwar kameez pattern.

·         Jacket-Style Suit: One of the most recent trends in today’s time is Jacket style suit which enhances your look with giving you newness to the mundane styles.

·         Front-slit Salwar Suit: As we know slits are no longer restricted to western clothes. It gives an elegant look with a core benefit to try something new and experiment awesomeness.

·         High Low Salwar Suit: High-low suits are somewhat different with Kurtis as it adapts the successful styling up in dresses too. Make your look unique with trying different at different times.

Where you’ll get your perfect Salwar Suits?

Nowadays, it becomes easy to shop for salwar kameez online where you can get various options with extra-ordinary outfit added to the checklist. All in all, you’ll find the trend of wearing something beautiful to make you feel happy in all occasions.

Hope you like our above suggestions and tips. Choose your fit and style accordingly on your deep blue special days. We would like to hear from you. Please keep sending your love!