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one piece flared designer kurtis

899 1690
In stock

Designer kurti with the color combination of digital print, and latkan belt

attached sleeves available



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  • TOP-pure jorjat silk of digital print…






    Aaryafashions has a very simple and hassle free return and/or exchange policy for certain products purchased from the Website provided following conditions are fulfilled:
    a. The products must be returned to Aaryafashions within 2 (two) days from the date it is delivered to you.
    b. The product must be returned in its original condition along with the invoice, all labels, tags, authenticity cards, dust bags, designer boxes, hangers, freebies, if any and other packaging intact sold as a part of the product.
    c. Any garment sought to be returned or exchanged, should be unworn or unwashed. Garments that are found to be worn or damaged or soiled will not be accepted for return or exchange.
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